More than anything, we long to see the Body of Christ come into her fullness in western Maryland and the surrounding area. The fires of revival have burned here in the past; we believe the fire of the Holy Spirit is igniting again in an even brighter and fresh way. We want to connect those who love Jesus to one another, even if they routinely worship with a variety of congregations. Each person brings his or her gifts to the table, where we share the commonness of our desire to serve Jesus and to see His kingdom come to life in our communities.

Pathweavers holds one-time events such as teaching days, movie nights, small group book and topical studies, prayer in small and large gatherings, and regular fellowship with whomever is interested in pursuing God alongside us. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events. 

Let us know if you are looking for connection. We are happy to work with you if you'd like to host an event! 

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Events: Activities & Connections

Paving ancient paths for modern revival, growth, and relationship



FREE TRAININGS and GATHERINGS via ZOOM and in person: 

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